Michal Miškerník


Since the very beginning of my career, the core of my work was full-stack web development—starting from the hardware and systems the applications are running on, through the efficient data storage and reliable backend logic, and ending on a sleek frontend interface.


Whether it is a greenfield project, modifications of an existing application, or finding and fixing bugs, I can work on applications both small and large. My code is well‐thought‐out and easy to read and maintain. I always try to leave a codebase in a better shape than I find it, avoiding making shortcuts that will come back later to haunt us.

While I have a basic eye for good design, I am not a professional designer. That means I work based on designs, wireframes and mockups—these do not have to be 100% complete, however. I can fill in the blanks where needed, based on my experience and good practices in web design.

Examples of usual tasks include:

  • Implementing a new feature in a web application—user interface, changes in the backend and schema modifications in the database
  • Coding a pixel‐perfect, responsive website with good performance, user experience and accessibility
  • Mapping the functionality from mockups into concrete components that compose an application
  • Maintaining an existing application, such as updating versions of libraries, or connecting to a new system


When working on bigger projects, it is a good idea to have someone who can oversee other developers working on a project. Building on my experience as a technical lead on a successful SaaS product, I can help you ensure the success of your projects. My consulting services include:

  • Defining the overall architecture of an application
  • Selecting the most optimal frameworks and technologies to be used
  • Spotting potential issues and failures before they happen—both in the code, and in the work process
  • Optimising and streamlining development practices in a team or company


Finally, I like to help other developers grow and succeed. I am able to break down complicated concepts into basic parts and patiently explain them. I have met many junior developers with high potential—people who are curious and methodical. By coaching your team, I can improve the overall productivity and quality of code.


My current rate for development work is 50€ per hour. For more advanced consulting and mentoring services, which can end up saving resources in other areas, the rate is 80€ per hour.

If you want to discuss potential collaboration with me, please reach out to me and I will be happy to help you.

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