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07 December 2023

ŠPONGIA 2023: Custom case

After we submitted the game for the game jam, we had another week until the demo in front of the judges. We used this time to design and manufacture a custom case for the Picopad, matching the aesthetic and controls of the game.
29 November 2023

ŠPONGIA 2023: Hardware

My first idea was to use a fantasy console and run it on a small handheld device. But in the end, I used a Raspberry Pi Pico to run the game directly.
29 November 2023

ŠPONGIA 2023: Introduction

This year I took part in the ŠPONGIA game jam, and we wanted to do something special - a custom handheld console.
10 June 2020

Generating PDFs and images from React components

Let's say that we have a React element that we would like to save as a PDF document or an image. In order to do that, we can use Puppeteer, which uses a headless instance of the Chromium browser and is able to generate PDFs and images.
03 August 2019

Reliable timeouts in React apps

Let's say your React app presents the user with a task that has a time limit. The user must submit the task before the time runs out. The simple solution would be to call `setTimeout` at the start of the task. However, this is not a good solution.
16 December 2018

Rendering HTML in Gatsby

The Gatsby blog starter uses the dangerouslySetInnerHTML prop to render HTML for blog posts written in Markdown. While this works, there is a better solution.