About Me

St Andrews Cathedral

I'm a web developer at Toggl and a computer science student at Univeristy of St Andrews. Most of the year I reside in St Andrews in Scotland, but from time to time I am back home in Slovakia.

Coat of arms of Slovakia

I came to Scotland in 2014 to study and I'm expected to finish my studies in 2019 as a MSci. Shortly after starting at the university I got a job at Toggl, for which I'm infinitely grateful, but I still can't quite grasp how I got it...

In my free time I sometimes go cycling, but mostly just stay home and watch TV shows. Since 2011 I am in a relationship with Petra and I'm really happy about that.

My Work

Hundred5 logo

At the moment, I'm working in Hundred5 as a tech lead and web developer. The app was originally developed for Toggl as an internal tool for finding the best job candidates. We are continuing with it under the name Hundred5, trying to simplify the hiring process for other companies too.

Teamweek logo

Before Hundred5, I was working on Teamweek as a frontend developer. During my time working on it I also got to work on other smaller projects too. One notable is Saurochat, which is a mobile app similar to Teamweek. We have used React Native and Redux to build it, and it was awesome.

JavaScript logo

As you can see, I work mostly in JavaScript. This comes from a few games I worked on in high school. We were taking part in a local competition where the goal is to make a game from scratch in a little over two weeks. In 2013 we have finally won, after 5 tries, with our game Začiatok konca (The beginning of the end). The game was done in JS using our own game engine that was developed when working on previous games.

I have also collaborated with Vizio on a few WordPress webpages: Správny deň, Winton and a couple more. This meant coding a design and creating a WordPress template out of it, sometimes including creating needed plugins.


I can be reached through email, michal@miskernik.sk.

I'm on Twitter as @michalmiskernik, but I tweet very rarely.