About Me

St Andrews Cathedral

I'm a web developer at Toggl and a computer science student at Univeristy of St Andrews. Most of the year I reside in St Andrews in Scotland, but from time to time I am back home in Slovakia.

Coat of arms of Slovakia

I came to Scotland in 2014 to study and I'm expected to finish my studies in 2019 as a MSci. Shortly after starting at the university I got a job at Toggl, for which I'm infinitely grateful, but I still can't quite grasp how I got it...

In my free time I sometimes go cycling, but mostly just stay home and watch TV shows. Since 2011 I am in a relationship with Petra and I'm really happy about that.

My Work

Teamweek logo

At the moment, I'm working mainly on Teamweek as a frontend developer in Toggl. It's a web app built with Ampersand.js and rewritten from an old Backbone codebase.

During my time in Toggl I got to work on other smaller projects. One notable is Tweek, which is a mobile app similar to Teamweek. We have used React Native and Redux to build it, and it was awesome.

JavaScript logo

As you can see, I work mostly in JavaScript. This comes from a few games I worked on in high school. We were taking part in a local competition where the goal is to make a game from scratch in a little over two weeks. In 2013 we have finally won, after 5 tries, with our game Začiatok konca (The beginning of the end). The game was done in JS using our own game engine that was developed when working on previous games.

I have also collaborated with Vizio on a few WordPress webpages: Správny deň, Winton and a couple more. This meant coding a design and creating a WordPress template out of it, sometimes including creating needed plugins.


I can be reached through email, michal@miskernik.sk.

I'm on Twitter as @michalmiskernik, but I tweet very rarely.